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The Company
The Haryana Forest Development Corporation Limited was incorporated on 7th December, 1989 under the Companies Act, 1956, as a wholly owned Government Company with the main purpose of assuring reasonable prices to the farmers for their standing trees and other forest produce and also to ensure the welfare of farming community and development of forest based industries.s


main objective

The main objectives of the Company as per Memorandum and Articles of Association are as under:


      1. To assure reasonable prices to the farmers for their standing trees and other forest produce.
      2. To generate employment opportunities in rural areas.
      3. To increase financial status of farming and labour community.
      4. To promote development of forest based and allied industries.
      5. To stabilize timber and fuelwood prices in open market.
      6. To protect the forest producer from exploitation of the middlemen and safeguard the interest of the consumers by undertaking proper and scientific exploitation of the forest resources of the State and if necessary outside it, in order to obtain maximum financial return thereof.
      7. To transfer related technology to farmers.
      8. Tree felling and wood extraction from Government forests earmarked to the Haryana Forest Development Corporation Limited, development of forests and raising plantations.


Besides the above, there are 45 other objectives ancillary or incidental to the attainment of the main objectives of the Company and also 10 other objects.



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